June 25, 2015

Flexible Jobs For People Who Hate Cubicles

Describe your perfect job. If you’re like many people in the working world, having a flexible job is high on your priority list. What you might not know is that jobs with flexible schedules are constantly increasing in popularity.

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We found an interesting article on FlexJobs.com called, 9 Things You Don’t Know About Flexible Jobs. It has some good facts about flexible jobs that you should know. Here are a handful that caught our eye:

  • Did you know that 20% of companies offer flexible work options?
  • Or that 80% of employers plan to increase the flexible workforce?
  • Or that job satisfaction is linked to job flexibility?

Flexible jobs are the future, but they are also available right now. Who doesn’t want to set their own hours, work when they want, and still make a solid paycheck? So what’s holding you back from finding a flexible job?

Discover 17 Jobs You Can Do From The Beach

Don’t be scared by the term flexible job. Flexible jobs cover a lot of territory. Typically they include any job that doesn’t work a traditional 9 to 5 schedule on Mondays to Fridays. Instead, flexible jobs include jobs where you might set your own hours, work from home or telecommute, or only head to the office for a few hours here and there. They are flexible. As long as you are results oriented, flexible jobs are perfect for you.

The working world is changing and flexible jobs are growing in popularity. It’s not possible to have a flexible schedule with every job, but here are a few flexible jobs that are known for their flexible schedules. Start your flexible job search with some of these cool jobs:

This is just a handful of jobs that offer flexible schedules. Plenty of other cool jobs offer flexible schedules too. Maybe you’d prefer to be a brand ambassador, caretaker, or other unique job. Land one of these jobs and your next job might allow you to work on the beach, attend your kid’s soccer games, or finally collect a paycheck from your home office.

Check out a recent post of ours about the Top 50 Employers For Remote Work to help you hone in on popular employers that offer flexible schedules to their employees. You might even be able to convince your boss to let you have a flexible schedule in your current gig. When you’re searching for jobs be sure to type in the right keywords (flexible, remote, telecommute, work from home, etc.) in your job search and you’ll be amazed at what jobs offer flexible schedules.

Flexible jobs are popping up everywhere. If you’re looking to escape the 9 to 5 grind, then head over to JobMonkeyJobs to find your next flexible job.

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