July 13, 2015

Get Paid To Work Out? There’s An App For That.

Where do you find the motivation to work out? Would it be easier to head to the gym if you got paid to work out? Of course it would!

We’re the first to admit that committing to working out is challenging, but when we do work out, we feel great. A little bit of exercise causes both our minds and bodies to thrive. Now we just need to find a way to get paid to work out…

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When we Googled “get paid to work out,” the first thing that pops up is an article about an app called Gym-Pact. The way Gym-Pact works is you purchase a membership with your smartphone and link your credit card to your account. You then make a pact to work out. Your smart phone monitors how many times you work out per week. If you don’t meet your predetermined work out schedule, your credit card is charged a set amount.

That sounds like you’re losing money for not working out, but Gym-Pact  divvies up the funds from everyone that missed their weekly work outs and pays those who work out regularly. Technically you’re getting paid to work out. It’s not much, but it’s certainly an exercise motivator, right?

Learn More About Fitness Jobs

Now you won’t earn a huge paycheck or even have a successful career because of the Gym-Pact app. But if you’re truly committed to working out, why not find a full time job that actually pays you to work out. We did a little brainstorming about cool fitness jobs where you get paid to be in shape. Here are a few  jobs that fitness fanatics will enjoy:

It’s not hard to find jobs like these. All of these sports and fitness jobs have appeared on the JobMonkey Job Board lately. These opportunities exist across the country. You just have to find the right job for you.

By training, coaching, and instructing others to work out, you are also getting paid to work out. You’ll feel great on a daily basis, but it’s also rewarding to see your clients make positive changes in their lives.

If you’re a fitness fanatic, find a job that pays you to do what you love. Start your fitness job search on the JobMonkey Job Board today.

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