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The population in the United States is 310 million and almost all, at some level, have played sports. Most played as children at some point, populating athletic fields and gymnasiums on a weekly basis, but a sizable segment of the American public played past their teenage years, either in college or professionally or in adult leagues. At every level, coaches are needed to guide, develop, and lead teams and programs in every sport.

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Almost all parents get their children involved in sports to give them a taste of competitiveness, but sports also helps their social development and teaches them about fair play, teamwork as well as physical activity in a culture that has become increasingly isolated and sedentary.

At almost all levels, coaches can range from volunteers to paid professionals and they can specialize in offense or defense, they can work with a particular position or they can be head coaches. If you sat down and talked with coaches about why they got involved, most would tell you they enjoyed working with kids or young adults, while others might say it fed their competitive nature and still others might say they enjoyed being part of the sports culture so much they wanted to make a living out of it.

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Some start as teenagers volunteering with youth teams while others don’t decide they want to become a coach until they reach their twenties or even their thirties. Some are spurred to become the coaches of their child’s team while still others enjoy working with young people so much they either continue to work as volunteers or start working their way up the coaching ladder.

In the sports coaching section of JobMonkey you’ll learn about many common and coveted types of coach positions, including:

The most successful coaches have organizational skills, people skills, the ability to teach kids, while understanding the fundamentals of the sport they are coaching. They also possess the competitive fire to drive them to be successful while remembering that sports is about teamwork as well as competition.

Keep in mind the time commitment can range from full-time work to a part-time or season commitment.

Also, coaching often requires some level of training, special certifications, or sometimes even an advanced degree – plus Experience.

In this section we talk about the ways to become a coach at different levels of some of the top sports in the country. Each position profile includes a detailed job overview, list of helpful resources, pay range, and other information.

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