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When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Have you ever watched a plant grow from tiny seed to a radiant flower? It’s exciting, satisfying, entertaining, and rewarding.

If you think you have a green thumb, try gardening.

Gardening is the art of growing one of the world’s most incredible organisms – plants. They have the power to relax, inspire, and beautify. We use them to recreate, eat, and enjoy. Gardens are everywhere and benefit everyone.

People grow plants all over the place. Think about all of the gardening that you see everyday. Are there green leaves near the front of your office? Bright flowers sitting in windowboxes? Tall trees in the park were you eat? Ornamental shrubs adorning the traffic medians? Vegetables growing in a vacant lot? Fruits growing in unending orchards?  Or well-tended plants in your backyard? It’s all gardening. These plants grow because of gardeners.

Gardens can be both aesthetic and functional. Every garden has a specific purpose. The purpose is up to you. Some gardens grow colorful, aromatic flowers and expertly trimmed hedges. Kitchen gardens grow tasty vegetable treats and flavorful herbs for human consumption. Botanical gardens grow many species for scientific research and public enjoyment. What type of garden would you grow?

There are many types, designs, and styles of gardens. Some gardens focus on specific plants – roses, wildflowers, or cacti. Other gardens thrive off a design choice – Dutch, bonsai, rock, Knot, Japanese, Xeriscape, Zen, Organic, Water, Spanish, or Wild. Gardens are stylized based on space or location – hanging, vertical, windowbox, botanical, forests, parks, greenhouse, community, or rooftop. Every public or private garden is a planned green space that is someone’s pride and joy.

It’s not hard to garden. All it takes is a bit of space and a desire to grow things. The first step is planning. What do you want to grow? How much work do you want to put into the garden? Will it be visually appealing or be part of your dinner plans?

Good garden design is essential. Be sure to consider soils, sunlight, plants, garden’s purpose, ecosystem, climate, and the season. Remember that there are no rights and wrongs. Gardening is an art form and as long as you love your garden, it’s perfect.

Gardening does take a bit of an investment. You’ll need gloves, spades, soil, and plants. You may need fertilizers and pesticides. Garden centers will be happy to help you learn. They are also a great place to pick up useful features and decorations for your garden – barbecues, benches, lamps, fountains, or funny garden gnomes.

Finally it’s time to get dirty. Plant your plants and watch them grow. It will take work for your plants to mature. Gardening isn’t magic, but it is enjoyable, relaxing labor. Plants need watering, fertilizing, and some TLC to thrive. Soon your petunias will bloom, your carrots will sprout, and your roses will blossom into brilliant colors. When that happens, you’ll know why you became a gardener.

People all over the world consider themselves gardeners. It can be a profession or passion. Many gardeners compete in flower competitions, others grow basil for spaghetti spice, some enjoy flowers that line their walkways. All of these people have used their green thumbs to produce plants that they enjoy. Plus, it’s always fun to watch something grow.

Many people make gardening a career. Garden designers, gardeners, horticultural therapists, and groundskeepers all tend plants. They may work in parks, botanical gardens, landscaping companies, or private residences. They get to spend their days outdoors in the sun with their hands in the dirt.

People have been gardening for a very long time and people will continue to garden forever. If you enjoy watching things grow in the great outdoors, maybe you should get involved in this billion dollar gardening industry. Gardens are full of delights. All you have to decide is what delightful plant you want to grow?

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