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Landscapers are the workhorses of the landscaping industry. They are the hard workers that get landscaping jobs done.

They work outdoors all day, every day. It is physically demanding, challenging and rewarding work. It is an entry-level job for this horticulture career, but it’s also a starting point to becoming a full time landscaping professional.

Landscapers follow plans and designs to create functional and pleasant outdoor spaces. They are often confused with groundskeeper jobs. Groundskeepers are employed to maintain a single place, while landscapers complete a variety of projects at different locations. Most landscapers work in teams on residential or community projects. After a project is completed, they move on to the next location and project, but they may have to return for maintenance and updates.

It’s not hard to find work as a landscaper. Most jobs are seasonal and there are lots of jobs available in the warmer months. Every community needs landscapers who are able to do the manual labor that keeps exterior spaces looking sharp and functional. In fact over 1,000,000 people are employed as landscapers every year.

Landscapers usually work for a landscaping company. After a client contacts a landscaping company, a landscape designer draws up the plans for the project. Next a landscaping contractor hires landscape workers to complete the project under his supervision. The landscaping crew is the hands-on team. Most landscapers will receive on the job training from a crew leader. The landscaping crew works together to complete any jobs that need to be done. They don’t have much interaction with the clients, only with the plants, soil, and project.

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Every landscaping job is different and that means that landscapers are always doing something new. Landscapers trim shrubs, pick weeds, mow grass, aerate lawns, plant trees, tend gardens, prune trees, move rocks, dig ditches, build patios, lay walkways, prevent pests, fertilize yards, rake leaves, decorate gardens, spread straw, toss seed, and remove snow. Imagine doing all of these things for every home in your neighborhood. There is lots of work to be done.

No landscaping job can be completed without the proper equipment. Landscaping equipment includes lawn mowers, handsaws, clippers, shovels, chainsaws, and sometimes bobcats for property grading. When you are pruning trees, reshaping hills, moving heavy objects, and mowing grass, improper equipment use can be very dangerous. Every landscaper needs appropriate training to safely work with any landscaping tools.

Most landscaping career paths begin at landscaper. Landscapers can quickly work their way into landscape design jobs, landscape contracting, or crew leaders. It is always wise to find a landscaping niche. Some people love building patios, others make a living doing tree service, and many focus on plants. Whatever landscaping niche you enjoy, earn certifications from professional organizations like the Professional Grounds Management Society or the Professional Landcare Network. Certifications will help you earn more money and they show you are a committed professional.

Entry-level landscapers can plan to make $8 to $17 per hour or about $16,000 to $37,000 per year. The average salary is $23,000. Landscaper workers can find work year round, but the majority of work is seasonal. If you are interested in being a landscaper, contact local landscaping companies. They are always in need of hard workers who enjoy the outdoors.

Working on a landscaping crew as a landscaping worker is a physically demanding adventure. It’s a chance to spend the summer outdoors, enjoy plants, earn money, and make friends.

Quick Facts About Working as a Landscaper

Job Title: Landscaper, Landscape Worker, Landscaping Crews
Description: Create and maintain outdoor residential areas
Employers: Landscaping Companies
Pay: $8 to $17 per hour or $16,000 to $37,000 per year, average is $23,000

Professional Grounds Management Society
Professional Landcare Network

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