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Now that you’ve decided to start a garden, what’s next? Where do you get supplies? Who do you ask for advice?

It’s time to check out your local garden center.

Garden centers are retail stores that specialize in everything garden related. They are the hot spot for everyday do-it-yourself gardeners to purchase supplies, get advice, and learn about what’s new in the gardening industry. Garden Centers are an exciting place for plant enthusiasts to work. There are garden centers in every community.

For gardening fans, a garden center is like a giant toy store. They have everything you’ll need to be an expert gardener. They sell annuals and perennials, trees, shrubs, containers, baskets, houseplants, seeds, potting soils, mulch, fertilizers, pesticides, fountains, compost systems, tools, irrigation equipment, birdbaths, furniture, barbecues, garden gnomes, greenhouses, flowers, bulbs, and plants. Garden centers also capitalize on holiday decorations, home items, and equipment. They are treasure chests of horticultural prizes.

People rely on garden center employees to help them get the right stuff. That means explaining what fertilizer is best and the pros and cons of planting maple trees. Garden center workers give free advice on how to garden. They may explain how much space is necessary to grow vegetables or what type of wire to wrap around trees so beavers don’t chew them down. Garden center workers need to know about plants, pests, gardens, and be ready for any other crazy questions that customers ask.

Garden center employees should be enthusiastic gardeners who specialize in one of the store’s niches – plant sales, fertilizer experts, or fencing. By learning about a niche or becoming certified in that niche, it’s easier to give educated, professional advice. It’s important to be excited about helping other people plan their gardens.

Working at a garden center is more than just loving plants and giving advice. Garden center workers also select the store’s stock, set up and design promotional displays, sell plants, purchase plants from nurseries, write newsletters to keep customers involved and excited, conduct gardening workshops, help gardeners go organic, and maintain the gardening department to ensure healthy, fresh plants. Garden centers have a big online store presence and stores are also starting to produce more online How-To videos and articles. All of this ensures that customers enjoy their gardening experience.

Workers need a good knowledge of gardening. They also need to be comfortable loading heavy bags of soil and sod into the back of minivans, handling toxic pesticides and chemicals, and using dangerous equipment like hand tools, ladders, chainsaws, tractors, and forklifts. Any garden center should also train their workers.

Gardening advice for do-it-yourself projects is almost always free. Some garden centers are big enough to offer landscaping design and landscaping services right out of the store. This truly makes garden centers an all-in-one horticultural superstores.

Many garden centers are attached to big stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.
There are also lots of smaller garden centers that are usually members of the Garden Centers of America. Garden centers get together each year at the industry trade show called the Independent Garden Center Show. At the IGC show, exhibitors show their goods and highlight the new trends for the upcoming season.

No formal education is necessary to find a garden center job. Garden centers always need workers to keep the store functioning. There are more jobs available in the warmer months, making it a great complementary job for a ski bum. Entry-level assistants can often work their way up to manager. Typically garden center workers have regularly scheduled hours and get paid $8 to $15 per hour or $20,000 to $90,000 per year. Larger garden centers also offer terrific benefits.

Finding a garden center job isn’t hard. It’s a great chance to learn about gardening and perfect your gardening skills. This customer service gig keeps you surrounded by plants and enthusiasm.

Quick Facts About Garden Center Employment

Job Title: Garden Center Workers
Description: Sell gardening related merchandise at a retail store.
Employers: Garden Centers
Pay: $8 to $15 per hour or $20,000 to $90,000 per year

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Independent Garden Center Show

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