December 14, 2017

20 Simple Ways To Impress A Recruiter And Land The Job

Searching for a job? The ticket to landing the job that you want is to impress a recruiter. Once you can get on their radar, capture their attention, and pique their curiosity, you’ll be much closer to landing the job interview and ultimately getting hired.

Smiling recruiter reaches across desk to shake hands with job candidate

As a job seeker, it’s your job to impress a recruiter and to make yourself stand out in the job search. You need to “wow” these powerful people because they can directly impact how successful your job search is. When you impress a recruiter, they can fast track your application and move your name to the top of the list of people that a company may potentially hire.

But how do you impress a recruiter? Here are a few ideas that are proven to work:

  1. Use your resume/cv and cover letter to pique a recruiter’s interest
  2. Be actively engaged in your profession
  3. Contact recruiters directly via email, direct message, or social media
  4. Quantify your skills and accomplishments with data and action words
  5. Create an online portfolio
  6. Build your web presence – especially LinkedIn
  7. Craft professional social media profiles
  8. Follow directions for any and all online applications
  9. Apply for jobs that you are qualified for and you are a fit for
  10. Engage with the online community and company
  11. Join professional organizations
  12. Ask the right questions
  13. Be serious and enthusiastic
  14. Tell a story
  15. Be memorable – leave the recruiter wanting to know more about you
  16. Connect with people online and in person
  17. Utilize keywords
  18. Be consistent
  19. Showcase your professional network
  20. Post thought-provoking articles on LinkedIn

Every recruiter is different, but the above tips and tricks to impress a recruiter really do work. Remember that your goal as a job seeker is stand out and be unique. You want to beat out the competition by highlighting why you are the right person for the job. This requires more than just skills. It demands that you shine the spotlight on your proactive personality and outstanding professionalism too.

Create A LinkedIn Profile That Will Impress Recruiters

Try the above tips and you will impress a recruiter. Then you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job.

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