March 6, 2016

Create A LinkedIn Profile That Will Impress Recruiters

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you’re going to have a tough time finding a job. LinkedIn is the #1 social media site for professionals. Every job seeker and professional needs to create a LinkedIn profile that will impress recruiters.

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Before we dive in to the how to create a LinkedIn profile that will impress recruiters, let’s take a look at some LinkedIn statistics:

  • 414 Million LinkedIn Users
  • 107 Million LinkedIn Users in US
  • 200 Countries and Territories Represented
  • Over 1 Billion Searches Per Day
  • 2 New LinkedIn Users Per Second

That’s your job search competition. These social media savvy job seekers are using LinkedIn to their advantage. They know they need a web presence and they know that recruiters are going to check out their LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, you need one. If you have one, you can make your profile even better with the follow tips.

Why LinkedIn Is A Job Seeker’s Best Friend

Here’s how to create a LinkedIn profile that will impress recruiters:

  • Profile Header – Use a picture that highlights your personal brand.
  • Professional Photo – Job seekers are 14x’s more likely to be found if they have a professional photo.
  • Contact Details – Contact details aren’t visible to everyone unless you add them in your summary.
  • Catchy Headlines – Many viewers won’t look past your headline. Use something that encourages them to want to learn more about you.
  • Join Groups – Groups are a good way to engage with others and to stay on top of relevant information.
  • Links to Media – People enjoy videos, infographics, and photos. Add links to your websites, social media sites, and portfolios to help engage viewers.
  • SEO/Keywords – Include important keywords that relate to your career on your LinkedIn Profile. It will help you to appear in search results when recruiters are looking for someone like you.
  • Experience – Add past and present experience. Unlike a resume add everything you’ve done on LinkedIn.
  • Endorsements & Recommendations – Be sure to recommend and endorse others and they will do the same to you. These are great to have on your profile.
  • Make Connections – Don’t be shy. Make connections with people you meet. Reach out to your network. Hiring managers often check connections as a way to screen candidates. If you have a mutual connection, you’re one step ahead of the competition.
  • Update Profile Regularly – Anytime anything changes, add it to your LinkedIn profile immediately.
  • Add Engaging Content – Contribute to groups, post articles, and add things that intrigue people. It will help to build your web presence.
  • Use Action Words – Help bring your profile to life by using action and power words.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online resume. With today’s modern job search, it is an essential tool that every job seeker and professional needs. Spend the time to create a LinkedIn profile that will impress recruiters. It will pay off in your professional life.

Once your LinkedIn Profile is ready, add it to your resume and start applying for jobs.

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