April 13, 2016

8 Cool Jobs That Will Make Everyone Else Jealous

Do dream about getting stuck in a boring old office job? Probably not, but this is exactly what happens to a good number of people. They get trapped in the traditional 9 to 5 gig and usually end up hating it. Then they dream of doing something else. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Instead of following in their footsteps, you should follow your dreams and passions. Once you find a job that you love, it will never feel like work. But it’s your responsibility to find the career that makes you smile everyday. The chances are pretty good that your dream job will make everyone else jealous too.

It’s amazing what will make other people jealous. Maybe you work from home, get paid to spend your time in the mountains or at the beach, have a job where you are active, are paid to travel, or live in a cool location. You’ll know that people are jealous of your job, when you get asked, “You get paid to do what!?”

If you want to find cool jobs that will make everyone else jealous, consider pursuing one of the following gigs:

  1. Blogger – Bloggers share their interests and build their online audience by writing content and managing websites.
  2. Video Game Tester – Every video game needs to be tested before it hits the mainstream market.
  3. Stuntman – All of those cool stunts you see on TV and in movies were done by thrill seeking stuntmen.
  4. Ski/Bike Patroller – Patrollers work at resorts to keep the ski slopes and the bike trails safe.
  5. Divemaster – Divemasters take people scuba diving in tropical paradises all year long.
  6. Brewmaster – Brewmasters create and sample tasty beer.
  7. Travel Writer – Travel writers head to far flung destinations and write about their adventures for the masses.
  8. Bush Pilot – Bush pilots fly small planes to remote locations around the globe.

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The key to finding a job that will make everyone else jealous is to find a job that you love in a place that you love. It can be challenging to do the things that truly make you happy, but if you can do it you’ll make everyone else jealous in the process.

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