August 31, 2016

Do You Want To Find Jobs On Boats?

Are you interested in finding a seagoing job where you get paid to work on the open ocean? If you’re on hunting for a job on a boat, you’re in luck – jobs on boats are in demand. Are you ready to apply?

An aerial view of a luxury yacht in clear blue ocean waters

Whether you want to work on a yacht, a freighter, or an Alaskan fishing boat there are jobs available. The key to finding jobs on boats is to look for entry level positions with the right employers. Tune in to job boards, set up job alerts, read message boards, and follow up with maritime recruiting agencies. Even with no experience, you can find a cool maritime job that pays you to work on the water or on the docks.

Learn More About The Maritime Industry

What type of boat do you want to work on? A sailboat? A luxury yacht? An Alaskan fishing boat? An island-hopping cruise ship? A transportation ferry? A riverboat casino? A rescue boat with the Coast Guard? A global super tanker? A local tugboat? A SCUBA diving boat? Or on the docks of your favorite port town?

Now is the ideal time to get your foot in the door of this cool industry where even the entry level jobs pay very well! Start your search for entry level maritime jobs like deckhands, crew members, dockmasters, longshoreman, cooks, ordinary seaman, or stewards. The key is to find a job where you can gain experience and build the connections that you need to climb the ladder and find your dream job.

There are lots of maritime jobs that need to be filled. Why don’t you search for jobs on boats with these employers:

The stats show that the maritime industry is growing. Get involved now and find jobs on boats. This could be a huge opportunity for you. Start your search for maritime jobs on the JobMonkey JobCenter today.

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