Job Hunting Tools – Overview

Whether you’re using the information found in JobMonkey to find a summer job, look for part-time work, or make a long-term career change, you’ll need to understand the mechanics behind performing an efficient and productive job search that gets results.

That’s why, in addition to giving you information about the many exciting job opportunities working for unconventional companies, plus offering a database of thousands of employers, JobMonkey also provides this Job Hunter’s Resource Guide.

Within these pages, you’ll find lots of valuable advice for writing resumes and cover letters, planning your job search strategy, preparing for and attending interviews, making a good impression on potential employers, conducting yourself professionally during a telephone conversation, writing letters of inquiry, networking, and much more. We even provide job fair tips galore!

The advice given here was compiled and written by employment consultants and other experts in the field. And it’s all applicable to any field of employment in which you are interested, whether it’s the cruise and resort industries, working in Alaska, teaching in Asia or Eastern Europe, or any of the other diverse markets covered by JobMonkey.

One job hunter tool that comes in handy is having access to headhunters and recruiters, who can act as your eyes and ears, and your foot in the door, finding the career opportunity that matches your skills, your personality and your life goals.


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