Conducting Your Job Search

Getting Job Leads

Now that you have identified your interests, skills, and goals, written a resume, and formed an action plan, it’s time to generate some job leads. This section describes six basic approaches:

Each one of these methods will help you market yourself and uncover a variety of employment options.

When conducting your job search, first use the lead-generating methods you are most comfortable with. For example, if you’re outgoing and love meeting new people, use the telephone or personal meetings to establish leads. On the other hand, if you prefer writing letters, or enjoy working with online computers to electronically locate and respond to job postings, take that route. If you are comfortable with a certain method, your confidence will show and you’re more likely to generate more contacts. However, it is important to note that you cannot usually rely on just one method to completely uncover all possible leads. The wise job seeker uses a variety of methods and above all, is persistent.


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