Questions To Ask – First Interview

When possible at a job interview, ask questions with regard to information you gathered while researching the organization. ("How do you see the three branches opening in December in Seattle affecting the IRA Department in Spokane?")

What is the structure of your organization? Where would I fit in?

Can you tell me about the primary people I will be working with, their functions, and how they are interrelated?

What do you consider the necessary background for this position?

What type of training do you provide for new employees?

What characteristics do you look for in employees?

What would be a typical first assignment?

How do you conduct performance reviews?

What do you like most and least about this organization?

How many people have been in this position in the last five years?

In reading your annual report, I noticed you have opened new plants or outlets in the past year. Are you planning more expansion?

Is this a new position?

If I am selected for this position, what will you want me to accomplish in the next twelve to eighteen months?

What skills will the ideal person for this position have? What key technical, educational, or experiential background is best?

How long have you been in this position? What have you enjoyed most about it and why? What other positions have you held with this company?

Is there any reason I wouldn’t be considered for this position?

What is the next step in the selection process?


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