June 9, 2018

20 LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job Seekers

LinkedIn is the best social media channel for professional networking. Millions of professionals from around the world are active on LinkedIn. As a job seeker, you’d be silly not to take full advantage of this online resource. Join today and see how many connections you really have.

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Why LinkedIn Is A Job Seeker’s Best Friend

LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand, impress your connections, highlight your experience and skills, and find your next job. But before you can do any of these things you’re going to need to spend the time to create an intriguing LinkedIn profile.

Luckily, this is easy to do especially when you apply these LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers:

  1. Keep Your Profile Up To Date
  2. Include Searchable Keywords
  3. Use Professional Photos
  4. Create A Customized LinkedIn URL
  5. Find Endorsements And Recommendations
  6. Connect With New People
  7. Write An Attractive Headline
  8. Craft An Impressive Summary
  9. Highlight Experience, Achievements, Skills
  10. Use Multimedia
  11. Publish Posts And Reports
  12. Include Your Blog
  13. Eliminate Typos
  14. Personalize Every Communication
  15. Be Active In Groups
  16. Use Quantifiable Data
  17. Ensure That People Can Find You
  18. Add Your Contact Info
  19. Keep It Professional
  20. Always Tell The Truth

Take the time to carefully craft your LinkedIn profile and use it as a way to market yourself as a professional. When you do this, the people that find you on LinkedIn will be impressed and that’s important because it can open up new opportunities for you.

Create A LinkedIn Profile That Will Impress Recruiters

LinkedIn isn’t something that you do once and forget about it. Even if you’re gainfully employed, you need to stay engaged on LinkedIn. You never know when a recruiter or other professional might reach out to with the opportunity of a lifetime.

To truly maximize your LinkedIn profile, consult these posts from Inc.com or TheMuse.com. They are great resources for any job seeker. Now log-in to LinkedIn and apply these LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers. This might be your fast track ticket to your dream job. Best of luck!

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