November 13, 2017

The Best Mountain Town Jobs In Winter

The snow is starting to fall and chairlifts are starting to spin in mountain towns across the Northern Hemisphere. Are you gearing up for an exciting winter on the slopes? You should be.

Countless people quit their 9 to 5 job to head to the mountains every winter. It’s amazing how one fun-filled winter can quickly turn into an smile inspiring mountain lifestyle. Some people say the summers are better than the winters, but you’ll have to be the judge of that.

There are plenty of cool mountain town jobs where you live and work in the scenic mountains that you love. Here are some of the best mountain town jobs you can find:

  • Bartender – Mountains always have a plethora of bars. Land a bartender gig and you’ll know everyone in town.
  • Ski Tech – Like any tool, skis and boards need to be tuned and taken care of. This cool gig lets you work at night and ski or ride all day.
  • Gear Rep – People in mountain towns need gear that allows them to pursue their passions. Work as a representative and market, sell, and use the gear you represent.
  • Ski Resort Jobs – A big majority of jobs in mountain towns are at the resort. Instructors, patrollers, lift operators, retail, and hotels are all great options (and they usually come with a free mountain pass!)
  • Snow Plow Driver – It snows in the mountains and some lucky person has to clear driveways and roads so people can get around. When it’s not snowing, you’re free to do whatever you want.
  • Mountain Guide – You’ll need a lot of experience in the mountains to be a ski guide or mountain guide, but it’s one of the best jobs ever.
  • Chalet Host – Make breakfast, cook dinner, and clean. Then go skiing or riding the rest of the time.
  • Snow Reporter – Every town needs someone to wake up early to measure the snow and broadcast conditions via phone, website, and social media.
  • Avalanche Forecaster – Snow can be dangerous. Forecasters look at the weather and explore the mountains in an effort to warn about avalanche hazards.
  • Boot Fitter – Proper footwear is designed to enhance your performance on the slopes. A simple tweak to a boot can make a world of difference and it pays pretty well too.
  • Pro Skier/Rider – There are plenty of people who are aspiring professionals. Very few make it. For those that do, this is one of the best jobs you can imagine. Who else can say they get paid to make turns?

Which cool mountain town job will you pick? There are plenty of cool options. Do a bit of research on JobMonkey and pick the best one for you. There’s lots of competition for cool mountain town jobs, but don’t let that stop you from making the move to a mountain town of your dreams. Just be sure to apply ASAP.

Vermont. Colorado. California. Utah. British Columbia. France. Find out about ski resorts in these cool spots and other mountain towns on JobMonkey’s Ski Resort Guide. Then start your mountain town job search on the job board.

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