March 29, 2018

25 Questions To Ask Before You Make A Career Change

In today’s world, people switch jobs and change careers all of the time. It’s never an easy thing to do, but it’s part of the professional world. If you’re considering a career change, good for you. Before you commit to quitting your job and trying something totally new, be sure to give this major life change some serious thought.

Why You Should Quit Your Job Right Now

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Whether you want to escape the city, find a flexible job, or become an entrepreneur, changing careers can be a scary challenge. You need to prepare yourself for lots of ups and downs. It’s never as seamless a process as you might think it is going to be. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth changing careers, you just need to plan ahead so you know what to expect.

Before you make the switch, here are 25 questions to ask before you make a career change:

  1. Do you want a change of jobs or a change of careers?
  2. Why do you want to change careers?
  3. Have you researched your options?
  4. Do you have any transferable skills?
  5. Where will you gain experience?
  6. Are you ready for the job hunt?
  7. Are you following your passion?
  8. What do you really want from a career?
  9. What does your skill set allow you do?
  10. Do you need to learn new skills?
  11. Is the new career a good fit for you?
  12. What companies do you want to work for?
  13. Who can you contact in your network for help?
  14. What’s your long term plan?
  15. Will this new career make you happy?
  16. Are you ready for a change in pay?
  17. What education, qualifications, or certifications do you need?
  18. Are you ok with starting at the bottom again?
  19. Is this the best time to make a switch?
  20. Are you financially ready to make a change?
  21. Do you have the support of the people you care about?
  22. What are the challenges of making the move?
  23. Do you need to relocate?
  24. Is this a realistic career change?
  25. If not now, when?

Answer these questions honestly. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Discuss them with your close friends and confidants. Weigh the pros and cons of changing careers. It’s up to you to realistically assess your situation and to make the best career decision for you.

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Change can be scary, but it can also be liberating. Step out of your comfort zone and make it happen. This list of questions to ask before you make a career change is designed to help you do what you want to do. We wish you the best of luck!

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