May 17, 2015

The Day Jobs Of Superheroes

Every superhero has some sort of superpower that makes him or her unique. Their superpower helps them to fight evil villains, save lives, foil terrible plots, and make the world a better place.

If you were going to be a superhero, what would your superpower be? The ability to fly? Speak every language? Change shapes? Run really fast? Live forever? There are so many answers, which makes this a tough question that requires a lot of thought.

Below are the day jobs of some of your favorite superheroes:


It would be challenging to work full time at one of the above jobs and be a superhero too. Luckily, superheroes are pretty extraordinary folks.

The legends of superheroes take on slightly different names and careers depending on what comics your read, movies you watch, and Internet sites you browse. The stories change, but our culture’s obsession with superheroes remains. Superheroes are a major part of pop culture. Brush up on your superhero trivia. You never know when a superhero question might pop up in your next job interview.

Creative geniuses and writers create and develop superheroes for a living. If you’re keen to find a job in the world of superheroes, apply for gigs with MarvelDisney, or DC Comics.

If you were a superhero, what would your day job be?

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