October 8, 2015

26 Active Jobs That Will Keep You On Your Feet

A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. Yet, millions of Americans trudge to work each day and log endless hours sitting at a desk staring at a computer. Sitting all day is bad for you. Common sense says so, but so does science. It’s time to stand up.

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According to Fastcodesign.com, you can’t make up for “prolonged sedentary time” by adding in a big of extra exercise at the end of the day. Our bodies just don’t work like that. To combat a sedentary lifestyle, companies are trying to embrace new trends like treadmill desks or standing desks. If you have to work at a desk this is the way to go! But there are other options too.

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Did you know that the White House wants to spend $700,000 for standing desktops and accessories? There must be something legit about being on your feet! (Read more about the benefits of standing desks here. )

Unfortunately, some people are destined for a life sitting at a desk, but you don’t have to be one of them. Choose an active career where you’re paid to be on your feet and actively moving throughout the day. There are plenty of jobs that allow you to escape the desk or cubicle lifestyle.

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The following list of jobs that will keep you on your feet is inspired by a post on MyCareerTopia.com called, 7 Jobs For People Who Hate Sitting At Work. We took their list, did a little brainstorming, and added a few additional active jobs.  Which one of the following active jobs most appeals to you?

  1. Chef
  2. Ski Patroller
  3. Flight Attendant
  4. Teacher
  5. Construction Worker
  6. Police Officer
  7. Nurses
  8. Oil Roughneck
  9. Alaska Fishing Deckhand
  10. Stuntman
  11. Park Ranger
  12. Wrangler
  13. Trail Builder
  14. Tree Surgeon
  15. Bounty Hunter
  16. Dance Choreographer
  17. Backpacking Trip Leader
  18. Bomb Squad
  19. Dive Instructor
  20. Garbage Man
  21. Yoga Instructor
  22. Mascot
  23. Tree Planter
  24. Bartender
  25. Cheerleader
  26. Athletics Coach

All of these jobs pay you to be on your feet. It’s a healthier way of life. Ultimately, it’s your body and you have to decide what you want to do with it. Find jobs that will keep you on your feet and you’ll be happier day-to-day and in the long run. Plus, your body will thank you. It’s up to you to find a job that’s right for you.

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