Jobs at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park welcomes more than three million visitors each year. This influx of people means that there are numerous opportunities for people who are interested in working at the world’s first national park. It encompasses over 2 million acres of property and is home to several species of mammals, including the grey wolf, and more than 1,100 species of native plants.

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Xanterra Parks and Resorts is the company responsible for operating the hotels, lodges and campgrounds providing accommodation in the Park for visitors each year. The company also runs the tour services, gift shops, marina and horse corrals that are open to the public.

Positions are available from mid-April to the end of October. Preference is given to those who are available to work late into the fall months. Additionally, people who don’t have prior experience in the hospitality industry have the best chance of being hired if they apply for a position in the Food and Beverage or Housekeeping Departments.

Types of Summer Jobs Available at Yellowstone

The following is a list of the job titles for positions that may be available at Yellowstone National Park:

  1. Audit Clerk
  2. Bus Driver
  3. Bus Washer
  4. Camper Services Attendant
  5. Campground Guest Service Agent
  6. Carpenter
  7. Carpet Cleaning Technician
  8. Dock Help
  9. Electrician
  10. Furniture Mover
  11. Laundry Truck Driver
  12. Night Auditor
  13. Painter
  14. Pianist
  15. Plumber
  16. Recycling Technician
  17. Residence Coordinator
  18. Retail Sales Associate
  19. Seamstress
  20. Security Personnel
  21. Wrangler Jobs/Stagecoach Driver

A complete list of Yellowstone Lodges job openings is available in the JobMonkey Job Center – you can apply online right now!

Also, check out all the Xanterra job openings at other parks throughout the US.

Internships at Yellowstone National Park

The Park offers internships to students enrolled in advanced degree or certificate programs. Most of the departments offering employment at the park offer summer internships. Interested individuals can apply for one of these opportunities by selecting “Internships” when they submit an application online through the Yellowstone Jobs web site.

How To Apply for a Summer Job at Yellowstone National Park

Candidates for job summer jobs at Yellowstone National Park are asked to fill out an online application for employment. They can choose three job titles they would like to be considered for when submitting their information. Along with the application for employment, a letter of recommendation must also be provided. This employer conducts a background check on all employees.

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