December 16, 2017

What Does A Surveyor Do?

A surveyor uses a variety of precision instruments to determine and measure points, distances, and angles on, above, and below the earth’s surface. This data is used to create and define boundaries for properties, developments, construction projects, maps, mining claims, and other projects. This type of work can take you to urban centers, highway construction projects, or remote and wild wilderness. It all depends on the project.

Land surveyor taking a measurement while at work

Every state has different rules on how to become a surveyor. In most cases, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree to find entry level work. Many aspiring surveyors start as survey technicians. They may only work seasonally during the busy summer season. Once they gain the required work experience and earn the necessary certifications, they can eventually obtain their surveyor license.

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Licensed surveyors are needed pretty much everywhere. Most surveyors find jobs with land surveying companies, engineering firms, construction companies, real estate organizations, mining companies, government agencies, architectural firms, oil companies, and other organizations that need legally binding measurements and boundaries.

A surveyor splits their time between office work and field work. This keeps the job fresh and exciting. As a surveyor, your day to day tasks may include:

  • Traveling to different locations and projects
  • Researching land titles and records
  • Measuring exact distances and points with advanced equipment
  • Determining boundary locations
  • Preparing plots, maps, and reports
  • Presenting findings
  • Establishing legal documents

Perhaps one of the best resources to learn more about working as a surveyor is They have the latest data on surveyor jobs in the United States.

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