CEOs and Company President Career Overview

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or company president is the most important position in an organization. Those who are in these C-Level jobs set the tone for the company by setting goals and supervising the work of company officers and managers. Strategic planning and budgeting fall under the CEO or company president’s job description.

Multinational Company CEO holding the world in the palm of his hand

To be considered for this role in a corporation, you would need to have at least 10 years of industry experience. You will also need to demonstrate that you have relevant strategic experience and be able to show that you have a proven track record of success with a related company.

A successful CEO or company president must be able to communicate well with the company’s Board of Directors (if the business has one) and the company’s managers. This C-Level position carries with it a lot of responsibility, since reaching the corporation’s goals falls squarely on the shoulders of the person in the CEO’s chair.

Education Required

If your goal is to become the CEO or company president of a large organization, you need to be looking at getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a recognized university. A smaller corporation may only need its CEO or company president to be able to show that they have professional management qualifications, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration may be sufficient.

Salary Information

The median salary for a CEO or a company president is $151,370. The compensation package may include other components, such as bonuses, benefits, and stock options in the company.

Employment Trends for Chief Executive Officers and Company Presidents

Any time one of these positions opens up, competition is fierce due to the number of applicants. As existing CEOs and company presidents retire or move on to other opportunities, new opportunities will become available.

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