April 29, 2018

17 Top Jobs For Foodies

We eat food every day. It’s a necessary part of our lives. Most of us take food for granted. Foodies make food their career.

Gourmet Italian Pasta Meal Photo

Foodies are people who are interested and passionate about eating and cooking. These are the people that go to culinary school, love spending time selecting ingredients in grocery stores, and enjoy the overall food experience. A foodie enjoys everything from taco trucks to gourmet cheeses to five-star meals. If it involves food, a foodie is going to enjoy it.

At JobMonkey we always support people who pursue their passions. If you’re a foodie, you need to do just that. Chase your culinary talents. Explore everything edible. Find a foodie job where you can get paid to be around food. Here are some of the top jobs for foodies:

  1. Food Stylist – If you’ve ever seen an image of picture perfect food, you’re really looking at the arranging skills of a food stylist.
  2. Food Blogger – The Internet is filled with food bloggers who share their opinions, recommendations, and recipes about food with their fans.
  3. Farmer – A large portion of our food comes directly from nature. Why not work and grow the food that you love?
  4. Nutritionist – The food that goes into our bodies has a direct impact on how we feel and how we perform. Nutritionists help people determine what’s good and what’s not good for them to consume.
  5. Food Critic – Food critics dine at different restaurants and share their opinions on the meals that they eat.
  6. Food Scientist – The science of food is a vast field that deals with food safety, preservation, colors, and so much more.
  7. Baker – If you enjoy the smell and taste of baked goods, become a baker.
  8. Taste Tester – Taste testers work with restaurants and chefs to help perfect the taste of food and drinks.
  9. Recipe Creator – It takes a bit of experimenting to create a perfect recipe, but people are paid to do just that.
  10. Personal Chef – Not just anyone can become a chef. It’s a science and an art to create flavorful meals that people enjoy.
  11. Flavorist – Flavor chemists help to create the flavors that we crave and enjoy.
  12. Food Buyer – Buyers help to negotiate prices and make deals on foods for restaurants and shops.
  13. Food Photographer – That perfect shot of a yummy dish is the work of a skilled food photographer.
  14. Chocolatier – If your passion is chocolate, dive into this foodie niche.
  15. Cake Decorator – Every special event has a cake and that cake was designed by a cake decorator.
  16. Caterer – Caterers help to choose and create meals at events and banquets.
  17. Confectioner – Do you like candy? This is the career for you.

Is this all of the top foodie jobs? Of course not. There are so many cool foodie jobs out there. Whether you want to cook, bake, write, photograph, style, create, buy, or select foods,  you can find a job working with food. The foodie in you will love it.

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