March 27, 2014

25 Jobs That Pay $20 Per Hour Or More

How much do you make per hour? Making $20 per hour is a pretty awesome wage. Would you be excited to make $20 per hour?

According to the BLS, the mean hourly wage in the United States is $22.01. This statistic is from the May 2012 (the most recent) National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. Based on their math, the national mean annual salary is $45,790. That’s would be a great figure to see on your bank statement, right?

Can you think of a few jobs that make $20 per hour? There are thousands of cool jobs out there that make at least $20 per hour. Many of these jobs aren’t too hard to land either. They may require certain skill sets, but none of these jobs are completely out of your grasp. If you’re willing to work hard, a solid hourly wage is well within your reach.

Are you curious about which jobs make $20 per hour or more? There is a large selection of jobs on the BLS site. We highlight some cool jobs that make between $20 per hour and $25 per hour. Before you browse the jobs, can you guess which ones made the list?

  1. HazMat Removal Workers – $20.03
  2. Tax Preparers – $20.05
  3. Radio Announcers – $20.13
  4. Museum Technicians – $20.63
  5. Bailiffs – $20.87
  6. Embalmers – $21.00
  7. Recreational Therapists – $21.29
  8. Carpenters – $21.41
  9. Riggers – $21.44
  10. Choreographers – $21.60
  11. Audio/Video Technicians – $22.13
  12. Chefs – $22.39
  13. Social Workers – $22.78
  14. Firefighters – $23.00
  15. Clergy – $23.02
  16. Reporters – $23.32
  17. Graphic Designers – $23.43
  18. Oil and Gas Derrick Operators – $23.43
  19. Explosive Workers – $23.74
  20. Fish and Game Wardens $23.75
  21. Gaming Supervisors – $23.89
  22. Paralegals – $24.15
  23. Postal Service Clerks – $24.26
  24. Crane Operators – $24.33
  25. Real Estate Agents – $24.97

All of these numbers come straight from the BLS. It’s a cool site that you should check out. They sort lots of job statistics and information. You can search for jobs based on occupation, employment rates, wages, and various other statistics. The BLS is a fantastic resource for any job seeker. It gives you the numerical details that you’ve been wondering about.

We know you were curious so we also highlight the highest and lowest wages. The lowest wage goes to shampooers, who make a mean wage of $8.94 per hour. This is right around minimum wage. Find out what minimum wage is in your state. On the other end of the spectrum is the highest wage. That goes to anesthesiologists, who make a mean wage of $111.94 per hour.

Whatever type of job you’re looking for, you can learn more about it on JobMonkey. When you’re ready to apply, head over to the job board and start your job search. Good luck!

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