Fish Farm Manager Employment

As with any agricultural operation or manufacturing plant, aquaculture production facilities require competent management to maximize efficiencies.

The most common management position is a fish farm manager. Similar descriptions can be found for other aquatic species like shrimp and mollusks.

A fish farm manager is responsible for the daily operations and overall management of the fish farm. The specific details of the position will vary based on the size of the facility, range of species involved and number of employees. Depending on the facility, a fish farm manager may be required to manage the entire gamut of aquaculture, from hatchery operations to distribution of product. Other common tasks could be maintaining inventory, managing the equipment maintenance, monitoring fish health and quality or dealing with customer service issues.

An applicant to a fish farm manager position typically must have a master’s degree in an aquaculture or fisheries field from an accredited institution.

The experience required for this position will vary based on the facility. Persons may be able to move into a management position at a small operation based on a small amount of on-the-job experience. Large corporations with ponds covering thousands of acres would require more experience.
Most managers have developed a working knowledge of fish farming with experience in fish husbandry and dealing with fish disease concerns.

Employers often look for individuals who have the ability to speak other languages than just English.

Based on the facility, being able to communicate with international customers or employees who speak different languages is looked on favorably.

Salary expectations vary based on the specific aquaculture operations, but an average fish farm manager should expect a starting salary to vary from US$25,000 to US$70,000 with benefits. Many facilities provide housing and vehicle benefits as well. The starting salary would be impacted by the aquatic species, location within the United States or internationally and the level of responsibility required at the facility. Some fish farm manager positions are set up on a contract business, where an applicant is asked to start up a new fish farm in a set amount of time. Typical salaries for this type of situation generally range between US$4,000 and US$5,000 monthly.

Fish farm managers must be able to lead a team of individuals and work well with others. The individual must be able to work under the pressure of time constraints and production requirements.

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