Archaeology Resources

Below are some resources that can help you learn more about archaeology jobs…or just give you something fun to look at!

Professional Archaeology Organizations

Professional organizations are an excellent way to network with other archaeologists, debate issues in the field, share research findings, get professional advice and find jobs. Below are just a few organizations to help get you started in your career as a professional archaeologist.

American Anthropological Association
American Cultural Resources Association
Archaeological Institute of America
Society for American Archaeology
Society for Historical Archaeology
World Archaeological Congress

Job Search Websites posts archaeological job openings (and jobs related to archaeology) for private firms, educational institutions, and the government on a daily basis. In addition, the website connects archaeologists and archaeology enthusiasts through a variety of discussion forums, allows you to post your resume, and even has a store where you can purchase your archaeological gear.

eCulturalResources posts job and archaeology field school announcements for those interested in cultural resources, heritage, and preservation. In addition, the site has a section where you can read about the latest cultural resource news. provides job listings and general information on cultural resource management, historic preservation, and architectural history. is an excellent resource for archaeological job openings and field schools. And if you join the mailing list, will send job postings right to your email inbox.

USAJobs is the official jobs site for the federal government. Through this site you can build up to five distinct resumes and search for archaeological jobs with the federal government all over the world.

Online Archaeology Fun!

The Archaeology Channel features online streaming audio and video archaeological entertainment (films, interactive programs, news, etc.) for everyone to enjoy.

Archaeology Daily News is an excellent online source for up-to-date archaeological news.

Check out Archaeology Magazine online to read the latest archaeological news, watch video, and even follow archaeologists on an “interactive dig.”

Dig is an archaeological magazine for kids, but it’s fun for adults too! Send in your questions to professional archaeologists, test your archaeology IQ, and get the latest archaeology news.

Past Horizons is more than just an online archaeology magazine. It has worldwide volunteer opportunities, archaeological video entertainment, blogs, podcasts, a store from which to purchase your archaeological gear, and even streaming music to suit your mood.

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