January 27, 2011

Cruise Jobs: Not Just for Californians

The cruise industry has long thrived in southern California, as tourists have historically enjoyed travel to Mexico in high volumes. However, according to reports from The Seattle Times, Carnival Cruise Lines is pulling its ships out of San Diego and other travel companies may be following suit. If you’re interested in working on a cruise […]

October 8, 2010

Love music, art and travel? Find a cruise ship job!

Usually when we are focusing on work abroad, cruise ships don’t come to mind But few other industries can give you the opportunity to see such a large part of the world while doing what you love. There are all kinds of jobs on cruise ships, from food service to entertainment. Many people who love playing and instrument or singing can find success working the cruise ship circuit as part of the house band or other entertainer.

June 14, 2010

Non-Teaching Jobs Abroad – What Else is There?

It’s hard to deny that the most popular position for people working abroad is teaching – English tutors and teachers are in very high demand throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Overseas jobs are almost synonymous with teaching English – especially in non-English speaking countries. While teaching abroad can be a lucrative, rewarding way to make money while living in a foreign country it simply isn’t the right fit for anyone. So if you are looking to work abroad but aren’t sure exactly what you want to do, here are some of the most popular non-teaching work opportunities overseas.

December 4, 2009

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

Last month, I blogged about working on a cruise ship and pointed out many of the numerous benefits of working at sea. In the aftermath of that post, a number of you wrote in wondering just how you land such a sweet job. Well, here’s the scoop: There are three basic ways to get hired […]

October 18, 2009

Sunday Evening Musing: Working on a Cruise Ship

Here it is, Sunday evening. The kids’ lunches are packed and I’m facing the inevitable start-up of the week tomorrow morning. The good news, for me, though is that I don’t dread my job. In fact, I rather enjoy it! Which makes Sunday evenings not-too-terrible. What about you? Are you looking forward to getting back […]

February 25, 2009

In the News: Cruise Industry Is Not Sunk

Common wisdom might tell us that cruising and the tourist industry in general is in serious trouble these days. According to this article from Time Magazine, it’s true that the cruising industry is swimming upstream, but they are fighting hard to stay afloat. (Okay, no more water analogies, I promise!) The Time piece reports that […]

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