Bill Collection Jobs with the Government

Government debt collectors are another specialized field. In the case of debt owed the government, there is usually not an extension of credit, but a debt exists. This could be for several different reasons. There may be taxes that are owed on a state or federal level. There may be the requirement of child support enforcement. There could be the possibility of fines that are due. In any of these scenarios, a collection department will exist for collecting these types of debt within the administration that is responsible.

Many of the responsibilities remain the same as other debt collection fields. The collector may be required to skip trace. The collector will negotiate payment arrangements or settlement, and if involuntary measures are required, locate assets for seizure or garnishment. Because there is no specific contract regarding an extension of credit, and it is a government action, there is not a possibility for the responsible party to file bankruptcy. Government job opportunities in debt collection often will require a college-level education as well as a background in debt collections or related field. Government debt collectors do not make commissions on the monies they collect for the government.

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