Legal Fees Collector Jobs

While legal remedies used to collect bad debt exist in both consumer and commercial collection, it is possible to have a specialization in legal collection. Although legal collections are not entirely separate from either category, it is important to realize the similarities and differences. Although legal in nature, the classification would still be commercial debt collection if a commercial creditor owns the debt and uses an in house legal department to initiate lawsuit. However, if a company hires a law firm to handle the legal proceedings, whether it is consumer or commercial debt, it becomes third party collections and the FDCPA will apply.

Legal collectors who are not paralegals or attorneys generally have similar job responsibilities as consumer collectors but must be more intimately familiar with the basic steps of civil litigation in the state lawsuit is filed. The collector must also know what methods are available to collect on the debt after obtaining a judgment and to apply this knowledge to each individual account. In all forms of collections, communication skill are essential, since collectors at some law firms are expected to speak frequently with attorneys, both those at their firm and those who represent the consumer, as well as handle correspondence with the client.

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