May 7, 2017

The Most Frustrating Parts Of The Job Search

No one ever said the job search was going to be easy. If you ask just about any job seeker, they’ll tell you that the job search is annoying and irritating, but what are the most frustrating parts of the job search?

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15 Tips To Help You Survive The Job Search

Every single person who has a job has been in your shoes before. The job search is part of life and eventually you will find the right job for you. Stay positive and be determined throughout the process, even if you feel like screaming and pulling your hair out right now.

What are the most frustrating parts of the job search? The following things definitely make the list:

  • The Unknown – Heading into a new job search is a scary moment in your life. There are so many unknowns. You’ll be asking questions like, “how long does the job search take?” “Where will I find a job?” “Did I budget enough for unemployment?” There are no definitive answers to these questions and it’s up to you to stay calm and stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Getting Started – In today’s modern job search, it’s easy to feel lost. If you’re not sure where to begin your hunt that’s ok. A few things to focus on immediately are your network, your resume, and your web presence.
  • The Job Interview – One of the most nerve wracking moments in the job search is heading into the job interview.  If you drop the ball and mess up the interview, it’s back to the beginning. Take a deep breath and let your personality shine in the job interview. Here are a few job interview mistakes you’ll want to avoid..
  • The Waiting Game – Waiting to hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager is tough. If you’ve waited too long, it’s ok to follow up.
  • Job Search Rejection No one likes getting rejected. It’s always a bummer, especially after you’ve committed time and energy into applying for a job. Learn from your failures so that you’re a stronger job candidate the next time around.
  • The Never Ending Job Search When you’re fully committed to finding a job, but the search keeps dragging on, it’s frustrating. Everyone wants to find a job quickly, but that doesn’t always happen. If you’re struggling, it might be time to adjust your expectations or even relocate.

Unfortunately, these things are often unavoidable. The best plan of attack when it comes to finding a job is to be proactive. Treat the job search like a full time job. Most importantly stay positive. Discover more tips for surviving the job search on The more you know, the better your chances are of finding a job – even if it’s just a survival job.

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If you need job search advice, browse through or search the JobMonkey blog or hit up Google. There are some great pointers out there that will help you figure out what you need to do to become gainfully employed as soon as possible.

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