11 Things Job Seekers Hate About The Hiring Process

Hiring is not an easy process. Out of all of the job candidates that apply for jobs, you’re not going to be able to hire them all. It’s your job to scrutinize job applications and pick the right candidate for the job. That’s how it works.

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No matter how well you do your job, there are always things job seekers hate about the hiring process. These are the things that you need to be aware of so that you can improve your overall hiring experience.

The hiring experience has direct implications on how job candidates and their circles of influence will view your company. If you don’t go out of your way to provide a positive hiring experience, it can ultimately affect your business. Try your best to treat every job candidate with respect so that they all walk away from the hiring process with a positive attitude regardless of the outcome.

As a recruiter, you need to be aware of the things job seekers hate about the hiring process so that you can create a better overall candidate experience. The following things can really make a job seeker angry:

  1. Lack of Communication – Always let job candidates know what’s going on. Communicate regularly so they are never left wondering what’s going on.
  2. Never Ending Job Applications – If a job application takes too long to complete, job seekers won’t do it. Keep your applications short and sweet and then ask for more information later.
  3. Ridiculous Interview Questions While there is most certainly value in asking off the wall interview questions, it can leave a job seeker frustrated and nervous.
  4. Vague Salary Details – FYI job seekers only want a job so that they can make money. Lay out the details of pay clearly and honestly so that there are no surprises. While you may ultimately negotiate these details, it’s important to provide this info up front. it
  5. Poorly Written Job Descriptions If a job description doesn’t tell the job seeker about the job, they won’t apply.
  6. “Fun” Job Titles – While everyone wants to be a “ninja,” “rockstar,” or “guru,” these jobs are often missed because job seekers are unclear on what they will actually be doing or they miss them in the job board search engines.
  7. Unrealistic Requirements – It’s great to paint a picture of your perfect candidate, but be realistic in what type of person you will actually hire.
  8. Advertising Jobs That Are No Longer Available – If you fill a position, take your job ad down. It’s a bummer for a job seeker to find the perfect job, only to realize that it doesn’t even exist.
  9. Not Mobile Friendly Make everything mobile friendly. This is how job seekers are searching for jobs. Make it easy for them.
  10. Long Hiring Process – As HR Pros, we know the job search takes time. From job posting to final hiring decision, it can be a drawn out process. Communicate with job seekers regularly so that they won’t get frustrated by a long term hiring process.
  11. Lack Of Job Interview Preparation – The job interview is the make or break moment for job seekers. They take it seriously and so should you. Do your research. Review applications and resumes. Come prepared.

Many of these things are easy to avoid during the hiring process. If you make any of these hiring errors, you’re likely to lose your chance of landing top talent. Job seekers are investing time and effort into the job search. Treat them with the respect that they deserve. This will ideally result in a positive hiring experience, which speaks well for your employer brand.

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