July 9, 2018

How To Beat The Never Ending Job Search

Are you sick of looking for a job? Do feel like the job search is hopeless? No one wants to deal with a never ending job search. When you apply a few of the following job search pointers you can end this job search nightmare.The long term job search feels like it's neverending graphic

Why Your Job Search Is Taking Forever

The long term job search is a tough situation to be in. Not only is it a mental challenge, but long term unemployment also becomes a financial burden. Plus, it’s something that you have to explain to employers.

Lots of people are in the same situation. Don’t let the job search get you down, instead stay focused and stay positive. You can find a job and you will.

If you’re struggling with the never ending job search, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be Honest With Yourself – The truth can be brutal, but when you keep striking out in the job search it’s time to face reality. You might not like what you find, but honest reflection can help to get your job search back on track.
  • Seek Out Advice – There are lots of tricks and tips that can help you solve the job search puzzle. Seek answers to your job search questions. Apply what you learn and see what happens.
  • Explore Other Options – If you can’t land a certain job, branch out and learn about other job options. There are lots of cool jobs out there that will appeal to you.
  • Get A Survival Job – If you haven’t budgeted for unemployment, it might be time to get a part time “survival” job to help pay the bills. This will reduce some of the financial stress associated with the never ending job search.
  • Find Answers – If you’re in a long term job search, you are definitely dealing with job search rejection. Find out why you didn’t get hired. Learn from your mistakes and capitalize on your failures so that you are ready for the next round of job applications.
  • Change Your Job Search Strategy – Switch up your job search strategies and you might find that you are more successful.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering opens so many doors. Not only does it fill gaps on your resume, it will also channel your energy toward something productive.
  • Network More – Reach out to your network and ask for help. Maybe they have a lead in the hidden job market that’s perfect for you. Networking is always time well spent.
  • Get Up And Get Out – Get off of social media, stop scouring job boards, and quit tweaking your resume. Leave your computer. Go outside and exercise. Meet people. Do something away from your desk. It will help you refocus, refresh, and reenergize.
  • Mind The Gap – One challenge of the never ending job search is the large unemployment gaps on your resume. This can be hard to explain to potential employers and it can also be a red flag for recruiters. Instead of leaving a blank on your professional record, do something useful. Work on your latest project, find freelance work, or volunteer more. Fill the gaps so that you look like you are constantly productive.

All of these things will steer your job search in the right direction. They may not help you find a job tomorrow, but they will work over time. We highly encourage you to stop by the JobMonkey blog to find more job advice that will help you put the never ending job search behind you for good.

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