April 29, 2017

These Magic Words Will Help You Find A Job

Are you searching for a job? What if there was a simple phrase of magic words that will help you find a job? Well there is and the more you say these magic words, the closer you’ll get to finding your dream job.

Magician displaying wild lights with his hands

Recently we stumbled upon a post on JobHuntingU.com titled 6 Magic Words That Get You A Job. That post inspired this post and we’re here to share the magic words featured in that post. Are you ready? This is what you need to say: “Can I add you on LinkedIn?”

This 6-word phrase is the perfect way to end any conversation and it will quickly grow your online network of professional contacts. Hundreds of millions of professionals from all over the world are active on LinkedIn. It is the social network for the working world. Everyone is looking to grow their network and it never hurts to know more people. This question is a win-win for everyone.

Why LinkedIn Is A Job Seeker’s Best Friend

Imagine if after every conversation you asked, “Can I add you on LinkedIn?” With this simple question you can connect online and see other people’s connections. When you expand your network in this way, you can easily ask your new contacts to introduce you to the people who can help you land a job. Life is all about who we know and the more people we can connect with, the better.

Connecting with people is the fastest way to find a job. Not only can you tap into your connections and get introductions, but there’s nothing better for an employer than putting a face with a name or seeing that you have mutual connections. The people who you know in life will directly impact your chances of success. That’s why you need to ask everyone you meet the simple question of, “can I add you on LinkedIn?” It’s genius.

21 Job Search Etiquette Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Now before you start throwing out these magic words to everyone you meet, you need to set up your LinkedIn profile. Use LinkedIn as your digital resume and build your profile. Add your work experience, promote your website, highlight your skills and endorsements, add your interests, engage your audience, and be active. Then starting ending your conversations with “Can I add you on LinkedIn?” These magic words will help you find a job.

You never know who you’re going to meet in life. Go outside, be friendly, and grow your network. It’s essential if you want to find a job.

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