February 1, 2016

The Most Googled Job In Each State Compared To Every Other State

What’s the first thing you do when you’re searching for a job? You go online and Google it. Google is a fantastic place to start your job search research. What jobs have you Googled lately?

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We ran across a cool post from Zippia.com titled, This Surprising Map Shows What Job Each State Googles More Than Any Other. The crew at Zippia put in the hard work of entering hundreds of search queries into Google Trends to determine which job in each state was Googled more than any other state. They then compiled the data into a cool map and a useful list.

Discover More Unique Jobs

It’s interesting to see what unique jobs are popular in each state. Here’s who made Zippia’s list of the most Googled job in each state compared to every other state:

  • AlabamaChaplain
  • AlaskaPilot Jobs, Air Traffic Controller
  • ArizonaBee Keeper, Life Coach
  • ArkansasMeteorologist
  • California – Lion Tamer
  • Colorado – Account Manager Jobs
  • Connecticut – School Psychologist
  • DelawareHorticultural, Crabbing
  • Florida – Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Body Painter, Cave Diver
  • Georgia – Stripper Jobs
  • Hawaii – Navy Seal, You Tube Star, Astronomer
  • IdahoBike Repair
  • Illinois – Video Editor Jobs
  • IndianaCarpentry
  • Iowa – Wrestling Jobs, Carny
  • Kansas – Wellhead Pumper
  • Kentucky – Tree Hugger
  • LouisianaZoo Keeper Jobs
  • Maine – Lobster Fishing
  • Maryland – Plumber, Podiatrist
  • MassachusettsBike Courier
  • Michigan – Lighthouse Keeper
  • Minnesota – Tornado Chaser
  • MississippiTruck Driving Jobs
  • Missouri – Tornado Chaser
  • MontanaNational Park Jobs
  • Nebraska – Telemarketer
  • NevadaBus Driver Jobs
  • New HampshireButcher
  • New JerseySubstitute Teacher Jobs, Locomotive Engineer
  • New Mexico – Artist
  • New York – Professional Cuddler
  • North Carolina – Pirate Jobs
  • North DakotaOil Jobs
  • Ohio – Potato Jobs
  • OklahomaDog Groomer, Petroleum Engineer
  • Oregon – Urban Farmer
  • Pennsylvania – Merchandiser Jobs, Dance Mom
  • Rhode Island – Restaurant Manager
  • South Carolina – Sewer Jobs
  • South Dakota – Mount Rushmore Tour Guide
  • Tennessee – Nurse Practitioner Jobs
  • Texas – Referee jobs, Peace Keeper, Stormchaser
  • UtahEsthetician
  • Vermont – Sculptor
  • Virginia – Operations Research Analyst
  • Washington – Underwater Jobs
  • West Virginia – Coal Jobs
  • WisconsinBeer Brewer Jobs, Taxidermist
  • WyomingMechanic Jobs, Cowboy

As you can see, we’ve already written about a lot of these unique jobs on JobMonkey.com. Stop by and get the info you need to launch your new career. Good luck!

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