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Gfk is one of North America’s largest market research firms. With headquarters in New York City, over 8,000 corporate employees and offices around the globe GfK provides businesses with a wealth of services within the market research industry. In order to provide customer research statistics and analysis to over 100 operating businesses in almost as many countries, GfK has access to thousands of mystery shoppers. In the United States alone, where GfK is considered one of the leaders in the market research industry it employs nearly 50,000 mystery shoppers. Of these 50,000 shoppers all are qualified, trained and on call to provide market research in specific areas and for a varying number of businesses across the country.

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GfK presents itself to companies looking for market research based on a diverse and well-trained mystery shopping staff. Every GfK mystery shopper has an ongoing profile about their training, jobs they have shopped, their socioeconomic background and other information pertinent for companies needing a specific demographic to shop a product or store. As a result of this organization, mystery shoppers for GfK are well trained, certified, carefully selected and given constant support as members of the GfK community and staff. For shoppers looking for employment in the United States GfK is a leader in the industry and an excellent place to become trained and earn credibility within the mystery shopping field. Because GfK promises its customers only the best, the screening process to become a certified shopper under GfK is more in-depth then some of the other companies present in the mystery shopping market.

Before becoming a mystery shopper with GfK you will be carefully screened for suitability. This initial screening process can be done online and involves a few initial questions about education, skills and background. All qualified shoppers are then enlisted in an online training program where they must score 100% accuracy in order to be certified as a GfK shopper. Based on the information gathered on shoppers during the training process, shoppers will be picked for jobs based on their proximity to the shop, their shopping history, experience and shopping demographic.

The best way to become a mystery shopper with GfK is to contact them online and fill out an employee profile. Most mystery shoppers earn industry wages and are paid per hour or per assignment depending on their status and experience as a mystery shopper. Shoppers can make very little or quite a bit depending on how many assignments they volunteer for or how many are available to them in their area. Working with a company such as GfK, one that is large and has affiliate businesses and customers in lots of areas, means more available jobs and the possibility for more pay. The more you can work the more money you will make as a GfK mystery shopper. As such, be sure to include the amount of hours and assignments you are willing to work within your communication with the GfK group staff.

For businesses in need of market research, GfK can provide not only mystery shoppers but also market analysis for businesses. For information on becoming a mystery shopper or procuring a mystery shopper for your business, check out the GfK website.

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