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Contacting a market research company about a mystery shopping position is ultimately more difficult. It is on par with how someone applies for a job in any other industry and involves putting together a resume, sending out applications, contacting businesses and attending interviews. Therefore if you are considering applying for mystery shopping jobs with market research companies or as an independent shopper, the process you will undergo will be much different than applying for a job via a Mystery Shopping Provider.

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Market Research Resumes

Many people who look for jobs with market research companies or independent businesses as a freelance shopper are those with mystery shopping experience. This isn’t always the case but since acquiring work for a market research company tends to be more highly coveted and difficult to obtain those with mystery shopping experience on their resumes tend to have more luck.

It is always a good idea to have a working resume to send potential employers. Putting together a resume for contacting mystery shopping companies is crucial for a successful job search. All resumes should include job history, education and special skills that outline your abilities to be an excellent mystery shopper. Having a professional resume is one of the best tools job-searchers can have when looking for work. Even if you lack direct mystery shopping experience, any job history where you worked with companies that might have been mystery shopped or a previous job experience that highlights your understanding of consumer relationships with business, is important to mention and is something employers consider when hiring.

Market Research Job Search

When sending your resume out, be sure to include a professional cover letter. In researching where you want to send your resume try and personalize your cover letter and resume to the person who will be reading it. For example if you know that the head of the HR department is in charge of hiring shoppers, find out his/her name and personalize your letter to them.

Large market research companies will almost certainly take longer in getting back to you than a Mystery Shopping Provider. Be diligent in your job search and always write follow-up emails and make phone calls. Being proactive is the best job-search quality you can have and is ultimately your greatest tool for success in procuring a job.

If a market research company contacts you for an interview, research the company and the kind of work ask of their mystery shoppers. Go into the interview as prepared as possible and be sure to send a follow-up email thanking the employer for the meeting after the interview.

While market research companies are much more difficult to find employment under than a Mystery Shopping Provider, it certainly isn’t impossible. If you have worked in the industry before and have direct market research experience in mystery shopping and analyzing the results of shops, this makes you a very viable candidate for work. These jobs might be more difficult to acquire but it is usually because the pay is better and work assignments more complex. Anyone who wants to be more involved with the market research aspect of mystery shopping can enter the industry using mystery shopping as a segue. The two industries work hand in hand and it isn’t uncommon for a mystery shopper who finds work from a provider to work continually with the same business or company and move into different areas of work for them.

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