Nanny Associations

There are many associations out there that cater to nannies and nanny agencies that are looking to organize and support nannies in their child care work. But is it worth it to join these associations? What are the benefits?

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For agencies, affiliation with a nanny agency can mean legitimacy in the nanny community. With the variety of choices that exist on the Internet, it can be helpful to have one body that is keeping each agency up to proper standards. For most agencies, the International Nanny Association serves this purpose. The International Nanny Association or INA “is a volunteer, not for profit, educational association that is committed to professionalizing the industry. We look to people…who are interested in the professionalism of the in-home child care industry, to help support our efforts.” Benefits of membership include having access to INA’s written publications and resources, as well as their annual conference that brings together nanny professionals from across the globe to discuss current issues in child care.

Nannies can also join the INA to gain access to their comprehensive listing of childcare training and placement agencies, and their newsletter. The INA also offers a universally recognized nanny credential exam, which some agencies can see as a baseline requirement for nannies applying for jobs.

A major association for nannies is the International Nanny Association. The INA provides a number of resources to individual nannies, with the mission to “promote and achieve professionalism in the nanny industry, education in areas related to childhood development, and expertise in our chosen field.”
One of the best resources offered by the APN is their list of “suggested practices” for nannies and child care professionals, which serves as almost a mantra for nannies and offers great advice for being professional and successful in the workplace. While the APN is geared towards working nannies, employers, agencies and businesses can also join for a nominal fee. The cost of membership for a nanny is $15, and all members must agree to follow the APN suggested practices.

There are other smaller agencies out there that might be beneficial for certain nannies to join. You can find them by running a quick search for “nanny association” in our search engine, or by looking at the resources page of the International Nanny Association website.

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