Insights from a Childcare Placement Service

We spoke with Rebecca Vidmore of A Nanny for U, a premier childcare placement service based in Seattle, WA. As a former nanny and mother of two. Rebecca has seen the nanny industry from all sides, and currently operates a multi-faceted nanny agency that places temporary and full-time nannies, housekeepers and doulas.

Nanny Drawing on Floor with Two Children Photo

What is your current role at A Nanny for U?

To educate parents about what they can and cannot expect from a caregiver and how to keep a happy and stable relationship that benefits all parties for longer than a year. I interview and assess which nannies belong in which types of households and find their strengths and weaknesses so they are placed in a successful match.

Can you explain the nanny placement process?

Searches generally take from 2-8 weeks. Clients spend an hour or more learning the expectations they can have for nannies, telling us about themselves and their families, then we cover their exact needs from top to bottom managing their expectations throughout that process. We are always meeting and identifying candidates for all families, so we go through and help to schedule interviews as we find nannies that we think will be a good fit for the family. Once the interviews and reference checks and done, the family works with us to edit a parent-nanny contract outlining the job in detail, including the offer of pay and any benefits offered. The nanny and client meet together to review and sign the agreement and a start date is established.

Do you require any certifications or special education to accept a nanny into your agency?

No, but hands-on experience of at least 2 plus years is the first priority. Teaching, psychology, and early childhood education backgrounds are a huge help.

What are the main qualities that you look for in a nanny or au pair?

[We look for] communication skills, honesty, and their own knowledge of what their own strengths and weaknesses. Usually, self-esteem and confidence make for the best role models. We are trying to find enthusiastic, high energy, fun and smart caregivers who can relate to both the kids and parents on the appropriate levels.

What do parents list as the most important quality that a nanny should possess?

Experience, flexibility, dependability, and trust.

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