The Path to Nanny and Au Pair Careers

Many great nannies begin as babysitters, and have the opportunity to make a seamless transition from after-school job to full-time employment.

Female Au Pair Playing with Small Child Photo

While many young people babysit throughout high school and college, there are a few who realize that they have a passion for working with children, either through education and teaching or one-on-one childcare. If you are a babysitter and think that working as a nanny full time might be the next step for you, it is a good idea to let your current employer / family know. If you’ve proven that you are responsible and reliable, they might be willing to give you more responsibilities with the children to prove that you have what it takes to have a full-time job. Many families that hire part-time babysitters may not need nannies themselves but will serve as great references in the future.

If you are working as a babysitter part-time a few days a week, consider taking on a few other jobs with children of different ages to find out where your best fit might be. While you might enjoy working with elementary students, you might also find that you have a knack for working with infants, which will certainly diversify your resume and give you more options as you transition to full-time nanny.

College students often have great luck going from babysitter to nanny. If you are studying early education at university, you should be encouraged to have a part-time job or internship working with children by your professors and advisers. Often, babysitting is not one of those placements, but can be incredibly helpful for your childcare career. Babysitting jobs are generally flexible, especially within a college student’s schedule. And this experience will serve you well if you plan on pursuing a nanny position full time after graduation.

As you take on more babysitting jobs, or take on more responsibilities in your current babysitting job, remember that long-term opportunities are around every corner. You’ll come into contact with teachers and other parents who might be interested in hiring a nanny full time in the near future. However, you have to make sure that you keep your current employer informed of your future plans. You don’t want them to think you aren’t happy! Instead, be clear about your interest in finding a full-time nanny position. They might even help you find one by spreading the work to their friends and co-workers about what a great asset you are to the family!

There is no greater endorsement for a new nanny than that from a satisfied family!

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