On-Call Nanny Jobs

Not all nanny agencies place full or even part time nannies.

Many specialize in niche services that cater to very specific family needs. One of these services is “on-call” nanny services. To find out more about on-call nanny services, we spoke to Western Canada’s premier childcare agency Nannies on Call. In addition to offering traditional full-time nanny services, Nannies on Call offers nannies on a part-time and on-call basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is an “on-call” nanny service?

A parent can call Nannies on Call and get a nanny ASAP. We ask for 24 hours notice but in many cases can get a nanny to a families home or hotel room in less than 30 minutes. All of the nannies are pre-screened, have had Criminal record checks, references checks, have CPR/first aid and personal interviews.

Can you explain any differences in hiring an on-call nanny vs. a full-time or live-in nanny?

The difference is that nannies have to go into a variety of homes and handle different rules, expectations and personalities. Nannies who work full- or part-time get the benefit of a job interview to see if they mesh well with the family.

What are the main qualities that you look for in a nanny or au pair?

We are looking for experience, whether it is babysitting, camps or a teaching degree. We look for the nanny to show up on time, be well presented and have all their paperwork in order.

What do parents list as the most important quality that a nanny should possess?

Flexibility. Families can be very confusing for the nanny. On the one hand they want a nanny with experience but on the other hand they want a nanny who will do as they are told. Usually nannies with allot of experience bring their own principles on raising children but they need to be flexible and respect the requests of the parents.

How is a potential nanny screened? What kind of safety measures are in place?

First the nanny must send in their resume. Then we arrange for a personal interview. The nanny is expected to bring 2 childcare reference letters, their CPR/first aid certificate and any additional certification. We then call their references to verify the letter and ask a set of 20+ questions. The references can not be related. Then we do a criminal record check which includes a vulnerable sector search.

What is involved the placement process?

1) Our successful placement process has been developed through years of experience in matching the personalities and needs of families to the nannies that will be the right fit for them. Below is a brief outline of how the nanny placement process works:

2) Families complete and return our Family Agreement – a simple questionnaire to help us assess your needs.

3) We contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

4) We contact our nannies and, based on interest, determine which of the candidates are most suitable for your position.

5) We then send you the resumes and reference letters of the appropriate candidates by fax/email. We only refer the most suitable candidates for each position. It is up to you if you prefer to interview all or simply a few of the nannies. Our intent is to place you with a nanny in the most expedient manner. Please note; the process of looking for a caregiver for your children needs to be undertaken with diligence and care and therefore takes time.

6) Based on your availability, we schedule interviews at a location of your choice. Most families prefer to hold interviews at their home – we highly suggest this.

7) Once you have chosen your nanny, we will take care of finalizing the details – negotiation of nanny pay and benefits, setting up the nanny contract, helping with paperwork and taxes; anything you require. We are here to help.

8) Provide ongoing support.

Do you require any certifications or special education to accept a nanny into your agency?

We do not require any additional certification but specific degrees (like Early Childhood Education or Teaching Certification) do get you in the door faster.

How is rate of pay determined?

We have a minimum of $11 per hour but nannies make all the way up to $20+ per hour depending on the job and their experience.

What tips would you give a new nanny starting out?

Always get references. Even if it is for babysitting. Get your CPR/First Aid. Show up to your interviews 15 minutes early. Love what you do because if you are just doing it to kill some time and make money it is going to show.

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