A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

No two days are the same for a real estate agent, something illustrated by the schedule below. Some days are spent at the office and others are out driving with buyers to view houses.
Here is what a real estate agent schedule could look like for Seattle agent, Dave Sun.

10:00: Computer research for clients. For buyers: modifying automatic house searches to include different criteria, such as area, size and price ranges for my client’s needs; making sure that there are no eligible houses that the searches could have missed.

For home sellers: Keeping tabs on competing houses and making sure that our price remains competitive.

12:00: Lunch with other real estate salespeople at the office.

1:00: Out and about. Perhaps driving around showing houses to buyers. If working with a seller, the day could require tidying up the home or making small repairs. Making sure things are picture perfect for the next seller.

6:30: Dinner and family time.

9:00: More computer work at home. Preparing customer relationship management (CRM) plan (i.e. keeping in touch with past clients) for the next day. Sending out “Just Sold”* cards to the neighborhood where a recent sale was made.

* “Just Sold” cards are postcards that announce the sale of a house in the neighborhood, how long it took to sell, it’s final price, and what was special about me selling the house. For example, you may have recently sold a house in two-and-half weeks on a block that had four other houses on sale.

12:00: End of the day.

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