10 Tips for Success in the Real Estate Industry

At this point, the most ambitious prospective real estate agents should be thinking, “Ok, now I have information about how to become licensed and start a career in real estate, but how can I excel?” Here are 10 tips for how to bypass the novice blues and start making money!

10. Invest in quality business cards and hand them out whenever possible. Cards with a current photo of yourself helps to create a faster connection.

9. Attempt to work with more sellers than buyers, although you will always do both.

You can spend weeks showing houses to a couple just to have them use another agent or not buy anything at all. You have a greater chance of finding a buyer for a house that you have listed.

8. Specialize in an area or type of property until you have developed a reputation for being the best. Then the sellers will to come to you.

7. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) software system. Look online for reviews of the best CRMs for salespeople. These systems enable people to coordinate their contacts, send emails, create mail merges, tack and follow up on leads all in one system.

6. Create a personal web presence. Build your own website, which can be done inexpensively and with templates. Also, it is imperative to build a LinkedIn profile and possibly a Facebook “Page.”

5. Maintain a clean car and drive often. When showing a home, meet clients at your office and drive them over in your car. This kindness is worth its weight in gas: not only is it deepening the relationship with your clients, but it is protecting them from fraudulent sellers. Plus there is nothing worse than showing a home to a frustrated client after he has driven around lost for an hour. Since you will spend so much time in your car, keep it freshly washed and free of fast food wrappers on the floor.

4. Be friendly and helpful around the office and make friends with experienced agents.

Take opportunities to chat with them about what brought them their current success and adapt their tips to fit your style. Some experienced agents get more business than they can take, and may refer clients to you, if you make a good impression.

3. Continue your real estate education by taking classes through online coaching camps. Be wary of the coaching camps that promise unrealistic outcomes and require immense discipline. These have a low success rate as people quickly burn out. Brian Buffini’s coaching company has an excellent program for new agents – it coaches agents to stay on track and teaches strategies for how to general referrals.

2. Try to have six months of savings so that you can concentrate on your work without the stress of bills and growing debt.

1. Build and maintain relationships with your clients, because returning customers and referrals is where you will get the majority of your business. Devote part of each day to keeping in touch with phone calls, hand written notes, holiday cards and small gifts.


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