September 19, 2008

Spotlight: Disney Jobs

What’s that they say about Disney World?  That it’s the place where dreams come true? Well, for some of you die-hard Disney fanatics (I’m looking at you, so don’t bother hiding your Snow White costume from me!), a job at Disney might be the ultimate dream come true.

Disney is located in five countries, with two to four parks at each location.

There are plenty of places to work, but could you land one of the coveted jobs? Aside from the run-of-the-mill-theme-park jobs (like food and beverage, custodial, guest relations, maintenance, and merchandise), Disney also has a few unique opportunities that deserve some explanation.  Let’s take a look at five of these magical opportunities and see if one of them is right for you.

Imagineering Jobs
You know the look, the feel, the magical spark that makes Disney what it is? That doesn’t happen by accident.  It is, actually, the job of a creative team of Disney Imagineers.  The Imagineers are charged with designing the attractions, shops, dining locations, show sets, real estate developments and new media technology project.  Imagineers even oversee the visual impact of Disney cruise ships. To land one of these coveted jobs, you really need to be a jack — and master — of all trades: architecture, engineering, mechanics, animation, story boarding, writing, set design and more. A great way to get your foot in the Imagineering door is with a Disney internship (see below).  In addition to education and experience, there are certain innate qualities Disney wants its Imagineers to possess as well; these include team work, perseverance, creative problem solving and, perhaps above all, patience.  After all, it can take as many as fifteen years for an idea to finally evolve into an installation at a Disney park.

Adventures Guide
As if five locations around the world wasn’t enough, Disney launched its newest venture: Adventures by Disney®.  It’s a group tour throughout North America and abroad led by tour guides — AKA Adventure Guides — who make sure that guests have the most magical time of their lives. Disney is looking for bilingual, well-traveled extroverts with a degree in communications, hospitality or international affairs.  Given the amount of walking Adventure Guides do, you might also want to jump on the treadmill before sending off your application. 

Disney Scientist
No, a Disney scientist isn’t someone who puts Mickey under the magnifying glass. Rather, Disney is looking for animal scientists to work with its Animal Programs department — think Animal Kingdom and Disney Wilderness Preserve.  Jobs include avian keeper, mammalian researcher, marine biologist and fish farmer. Qualified applicants hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in biology or related major and have previous experience in a zoo or breeding program.

Disney Catering
You’ve got great attention to detail, impeccable cooking skills (a degree in culinary arts wouldn’t hurt, either) and a flawless service ethic.  Plus you love Disney.  If that describes you to a T, perhaps a career in catering for Disney is up your alley.  Disney Catering/Convention services serve up the finest food with a little touch of Disney magic.  The resorts have tens of thousands of clients each year, with millions of dollars riding on flawless catering and convention services.  Does that kind of pressure sounds like a fun challenge to you? Then you could consider a job as a manager of Disney catering. You’ll be working round-the-clock, but then I heard Cinderella did, too, before meeting her Prince Charming.

Disney College Internships
Are you a college student looking for a stand-out (and paid) internship? Do you want to gain transferable skills and some college credit? Are you outgoing and curious, eager to make friends from around the world and right down Main Street? Disney offers college internship programs in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. You might be working in one of the four areas described above — or anywhere in the Disney theme park.  To apply for a college internship, go here

Do you dream of meeting your Prince(ss) Charming and running away from it all? While I can’t guarantee you true love, I can be sure that working for Disney will the most magical time of your life. 

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