Adventures by Disney Tour Guide

Disney’s newest venture is Adventures by Disney®, a group tour program that guides guests through beautiful North American locales and abroad.

Their current itineraries take visitors to the American Southwest, Wyoming, Washington D.S., Hawaii, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria. Each tour is limited to approximately 30 guests and is run by two guides. Tour guides are responsible for transporting their group from location to location, coordinating special dining arrangements, confirming hotel provisions, handling emergency situations that may occur, and ensure that guests are having the adventure of a lifetime.

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One Adventures guide states, “My favorite part of this job is meeting the people. I never know who I’m going to get on my tours, and I love talking with folks from around the world. It’s great watching their expressions the first time they see something really impressive, like the Coliseum. It’s like seeing it for the first time again through their eyes.”

A degree in tourism is not mandatory to be an Adventures guide, but one in Communications, Hospitality, or International Affairs is helpful. Nor is it necessary to be bilingual, but the skill is definitely useful, especially on the international itineraries. Guides must be friendly, extroverted, and comfortable speaking in front of small groups. Additionally, there is a lot of walking involved, so candidates need to be comfortable with that…and the long hours that come with the job as you are literally on duty 24-7.

This is an amazing opportunity to see the world in a safe, engaging environment. All your expenses are paid for as an Adventures guide (travel, food, lodging, and relevant incidentals). You make contacts in each country you visit that you’ll partner with over and over. You’ll learn quick thinking when trying to get your group to lunch through a rainstorm. And, you’ll have some unforgettable pictures and memories.

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