Disney Catering and Disney Convention Services

Have you ever planned a party or event and thought you could make a career out of it? At Disney, the Catering/Convention Services team takes its clients’ dreams of an exciting, professional meeting and weave in the “Disney service” that the company is so famous for. The CCS team has all-out access to planning meetings, banquets, award ceremonies, and events in any number of the Disney resorts, parks, and venues. Plan a block party along New York Street in Disney’s MGM Studios®. Host a midnight fireworks cruise for your clients. Design events for celebrities and arrange unforgettable entertainment.

The Disney Jobs website lists the following requirements for their Catering/Convention Services team: “Execute, monitor, and ensure exceptional food quality, presentation, and event management while continually working to ensure exceptional ‘World-Class’ Guest Services.” Prior food and beverage knowledge is a must in this role, as is event programming and interpersonal skills. Prioritization skills are a must, as are attention to detail, teamwork, knowledge of wine, and labor/scheduling experience.

Make a note that this is not a Monday-Friday type of job. A CCS manager will be on duty from the beginning of their client’s event to the end. So, if your group’s first meeting is 8:00 a.m. and their evening banquet doesn’t recess until 11:00 p.m., plan on being “on stage” up to two hours before and two hours after the event to ensure proper setup and break down. If this type of work is your cup-of-tea then be sure to look into jobs at resorts all around the world. From beach resorts to desert spas, most larger operations have catering and event hosting services.

So, what makes Disney Catering/Convention services so unique? Disney offers the one thing that most other convention centers cannot: unparalleled professionalism, creative resources, and imaginative special events. Disney offers its clients themed menus and displays, personalization of offerings, and a staff willing to do whatever it takes to combine a professional atmosphere with “Disney Magic.” With thousands of clients and millions of dollars on the line, this is a high energy, fast-paced environment that the event planner in you will love.

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