February 2, 2019

Start Your Summer Job Search Today

It may still be the middle of winter, but now is the time when you need to start making plans for your summer job. Companies are starting to actively advertise their summer job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board. Now is the perfect time to start applying for summer jobs.

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Learn More About Summer Jobs

Summer is one of the best times of year. Active people want to get outside and experience the world. For job seekers, that means plenty of cool job opportunities scattered around the globe.

Here are a few really cool summer industries to add to your summer job search:

  • Shared Economy Jobs – There’s little commitment with shared economy jobs. The more you work, the more you get paid. Find a shared economy job and become a handyman, courier, pet sitter, freelancer, or some other cool gig.
  • Summer Camp Jobs There are hundreds of summer camps where you can work. Find one that matches your interests and apply today.
  • Theme Park Jobs Amusement parks and theme parks are designed to entertain. Roller coasters, live shows, costumed characters, restaurants – how are you going to get involved?
  • Internships Trying to build your resume and gain experience? Internships are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door of a cool career.
  • Rafting Jobs – Want to spend the summer riding rapids on a wild river? The whitewater life is a super cool way to collect a paycheck this summer.
  • Alaska Summer Jobs – Do you dream of experiencing Alaska? Alaska booms in the summer months and needs countless workers to help their tourism industry thrive.
  • Tree Planting Jobs – If you enjoy fresh air, this is the perfect summer job for you. This green job is a rewarding way to earn a paycheck.
  • Outdoor Jobs – Summer is the best time to spend more time outside. Find an outdoor job and get paid to enjoy nature.
  • Cruise Line Jobs – If you want to explore the world, find a job on a cruise ship. Cruise lines are a great way to work, live, and play in cool locations.
  • Unique Jobs There are so many unique jobs out there that it’s hard to choose which one you want to pursue. Explore your options today.
  • Dude Ranch Jobs – If you like the western lifestyle, apply for a fun job on a dude ranch this summer.
  • Alaska Fishing Jobs Alaska fishing jobs are legendary. If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, apply for a job in this exciting industry.

If you’re looking for a summer seasonal job, all of these are fantastic ways to spend your summer. A seasonal, summer job is a great opportunity to find a job that you enjoy and to do something you’ve always dreamed about doing. Explore your options and start your summer job search now. Apply today an you can beat out the competition and get hired to do something cool.

Find Summer Jobs

As your seasonal jobs headquarters, JobMonkey is ready to make this summer your greatest summer ever. You can research these industries and start your summer job search at JobMonkey.com. Find and apply for cool summer jobs on the JobMonkey JobCenter today. Hope you’re excited about summer!

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