September 28, 2015

11 Unique Jobs That Are Not On Your Job Search Radar

It’s amazing how many jobs and careers there are to choose from. It’s easy to get streamlined in to a traditional job, but why not think outside of the box? Escape from the traditional career path and choose to do something that you love.

JobMonkey has an incredible section of job profiles focused on Unique Jobs. Many of these jobs you’ve never even heard of and probably have never considered applying for. But why aren’t they on your job search radar? They are all pretty cool.

Job Applicants Waiting For Interview Photo

Here are a few unique jobs that you should add to your job search list:

  1. Chocolatier – Do you enjoy the creamy taste of chocolate? Chocolatiers do. These confectioners design and create chocolate treats.
  2. Hot Air Balloon Pilot – Next time you see a floating balloon high above the landscape, picture the certified balloon pilot ensuring its safety.
  3. Distiller – If you like the taste of hard alcohol, you need to thank a distiller. This alcohol job focuses on the production of gin, rum, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, tequila, vodka, schnapps, and other spirits.
  4. Zip Line Guides – Zip lining is a blast. There’s nothing like the unique rush of flying down a cable while only being tethered in by a harness. Zip line guides take people on these outdoor adventures daily.
  5. Acoustic Engineers – Sound is everywhere. Acoustic engineers help to harness sound to maximize your enjoyment of just about everything.
  6. Brand Ambassadors – Are you brand loyal? If you support a brand, you can become a brand ambassador that helps to build a loyal community and following for the brand.
  7. Caretaker – Homes need someone to take care of them. When a home is sitting empty, the owners will often hire a caretaker to oversee and manage the property during their absence.
  8. Chicken Sexer – The job of a chicken sexer is to sort chickens by sex when they are born. This helps to increase a farm’s profits and ensure that the chickens are fed the correct diet. This one definitely fits the odd job category!
  9. Color Consultant– Are you having trouble picking the perfect color combinations? Hire a color consultant to find the very best colors for you.
  10. Cartoonist – If you enjoy drawing comics, this is the job for you.
  11. Apple Genius – When an Apple product goes haywire, Apple Geniuses are there to help fix the problem. Plus, with this job you get to put “Genius” on your resume!

All of these jobs were recently added to JobMonkey. You can explore more of JobMonkey’s unique jobs profiles here and here. Plus, we’ll be adding more unique jobs regularly so stay tuned.

When you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, it’s important to explore all of your options. It’s okay to think outside of the box sometimes. Find the right job for you and you’ll look forward to going to work.  Are you ready to start your unique job search today?

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