Additional Unique, Cool and Odd Jobs

Are You Ready To Take Your Job Search Off The Beaten Track?

Do you daydream about finding a job that makes you smile? It’s not as hard as you might think, but if you’re going to pull it off, you’ll need to focus your job search on unique and odd jobs. Let’s start with a simple question: What do you like to do?

Every person who reads this will have a different response to that question. Answers will range from basket weaving to crocodile wrestling. Whatever you enjoy doing, that’s where you should focus your job search. Are you ready to find a job that pays you to do something that excites you?

We highly encourage you to find a job that is related to your passion. For example:

  • If you’re fascinated with outer space, become an astronaut.
  • If you’re determined to ski as much as possible, become a backcountry ski guide.
  • If you love climbing trees, find a job as an arborist.
  • If you’re wild about biking, search for a bike messenger job.
  • If your taste buds love beer, learn the craft of the cicerone.
  • If you’re a coffee fanatic, become a coffee roaster.

No matter what you enjoy doing, there is a job that relates to it. Don’t let yourself settle for a boring old job that makes you feel stuck. When you explore all of the ways that you can make a living, you’ll find a job that makes you happy.

Flexible work station with laptop on wooden desk at beach.

What’s the best gig for you? Will you become a comedy writer? Cartoonist? Combat engineer? Bail bondsman? Brand ambassador? Art dealer? Adventure filmmaker? Campground host? The world is filled with cool job opportunities. Once you know that unique jobs like these exist, you’ll be able to find a job that makes you happy.

Cicerone Conducts Beer Tasting

Cicerone (Beer Sommelier) Jobs

Do you have knowledge and a love for beer? With the boom of the craft brewing industry, there has been a large increase in the need for cicerones (beer sommeliers).

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Female Crane Operator Photo

Crane Operator Jobs

Most major cities in North America are experiencing a building boom. Cranes are needed for most of the construction projects which makes it one of the best times in recent history to be looking for crane operator employment.

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Crime Scene Photograper Taking Picture at Murder Scene

Crime Scene Photography Jobs

Crime scene photographers (aka forensic photographers), take photos of crime and accident scenes for investigations and as court evidence. They visit every crime and photograph the scene.

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Property Caretaker Watches Over Miami Estate

Property Caretaker

Learn how to be a property caretaker and take care of amazing houses in North America or abroad.

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Bomb Squad Training Photo

Bomb Squad Jobs

Learn how to be a get a job with a Bomb Squad.  Working on a bomb disposal team is not for everyone, but those who do it, love it.

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Apple Genius shows customer how to use app on iPhone

Apple Genius

If you like tech gadgets and Apple products, learn how to be an Apple Genius.

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Distiller shows off Whiskey Distiller Photo

Distillery Jobs

Craft alcohol distilleries and larger distilleries are both booming right now. Learn how to break into the industry.

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Drone Operator Flying Commercial Drone

Drone Operator Jobs

We are on the cusp of a giant employment boom operating drones.  Learn how to get into the industry early.

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Consumer Brand Marketing Graphic

Brand Ambassador Jobs

Help promote the products and brands you love and relate with. Companies can hiring brand ambassadors to help promote their brands.

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