October 1, 2015

The 9 Best Industries To Find A Job If You’re Bilingual

With over 7 billion people in the world, it pays to speak more than one language. Did you know that nearly half of the world’s population is multi-lingual? Are you? The advantages of being bilingual are massive – especially if you’re a job seeker. Speaking more than one language allows you to understand a different […]

June 7, 2015

What You Need To Know About Seasonal Jobs

At JobMonkey we know and understand the seasonal jobs niche. Seasonal employment is a fantastic way to find cool jobs, work in cool places, meet cool people, and collect paychecks from cool employers. The seasonal work niche is often overlooked by job seekers, but it’s one of the best places to get your foot in […]

March 30, 2014

Wanted: Massage Therapists

Massages feel incredible. Through the manipulation of your muscles, massages help relieve pain, rehab injuries, improve circulation, reduce stress, boost relaxation, and promote wellness. A good massage will leave you feeling like a new person. Talented massage therapist are always in high demand. Massage therapy is a growing field. In most states, it is a […]

October 17, 2013

Hotel and Resort Employers

People love to go on vacation. They save up all year for one or two magical weeks in their destinations of choice – foreign cities, snowy mountains, sunny beaches, romantic getaways. No matter where they go, they need to stay at a hotel or resort. The hotel and resort industry is a massive niche and […]

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