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If you are thinking about joining the nonprofit workforce and are looking for a great job, now is an ideal time to polish up your resume and start applying! There have never been more opportunities for bright, passionate people who want to work with people who are looking for jobs that can help them change the world. But how do you know where to start, or what steps to take to achieve your nonprofit career goals? How can we even define a nonprofit job?

This type of work exists in organizations that fall into a number of categories, including educational organizations, environmental organizations, human services, arts organizations, and many more.

These jobs can be from working with people on the ground all the way to overseeing entire agencies in upper management. Each of these jobs is an essential part of making the services and programs available to those who need them.

There are many qualities that employers are looking for in a nonprofit worker, including some of the same qualities that you will find in the for-profit world. But the theme that you will see come up again and again in your job search is commitment: to the cause, to the organization, and to living a life that values social change. These are the things that most nonprofit organizations were founded on, and most organizations will look for employees who share similar values. This does not mean that in a nonprofit context you have to agree with everything that goes on – to the contrary, you will find that challenging norms and engaging in debate is often encouraged at nonprofit organizations!

And while there are a wide variety of jobs with non profits, there are also a wide number of myths and misconceptions about working in the non profit or public sector. If you are worried about salaries, long hours, inadequate resources or any other commonly held belief about non profit, made sure you read our non profit myths section to see how non profit organizations really operate!

While you are looking for a job, you may also find that you have an idea that could turn into its own nonprofit organization. The process of taking your idea through the steps of incorporation, 501 c 3 status, hiring staff and delivering programs might seem daunting, but there are many organizations that have been through a similar cycle. JobMonkey has outlined steps for you to start a nonprofit organization from the ground up.

Approximately 7% of the United States workforce is in the nonprofit sector.

If you would like to join the ranks of those who are working for causes and charities that they feel passionate about, read on for more information about how to land the perfect nonprofit opportunity.

This JobMonkey topic includes all of the information that you need about the nonprofit job search, landing a nonprofit job and even how to become your own boss by starting your own not for profit organization. Topics include:

If you’re new to the nonprofit world, you can also find information about what nonprofit jobs are, what types of nonprofit organizations exist and what they do, even the best places live and work in the nonprofit sector. If you’re interested in finding a nonprofit job, read on!

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