Community Oriented Healthcare Jobs

As you probably already know, health care jobs are much more than doctors and nurses.

Community Oriented Non Profit Jobs will Have you Make a Real and Noticeable Impact

It takes a variety of people to make hospitals, clinics and home care agencies operate and thrive, and many of the organizations that are running these health-related activities are nonprofit organizations. In many ways, the nonprofit jobs that exist behind the scenes at a health care nonprofit organization are much like those at any nonprofit organization: fundraisers, event planners and administrators. The important thing to remember in your health care job search is that having a commitment to helping those who are sick and need treatment is the key to success.

Community Educators

The public misunderstands many health issues, or communities do not have access to information or treatment. Community Educators (or Outreach Workers) hold educational information sessions to fill this information gap. A community outreach worker or educator in nonprofit health care might teach a class about sexually transmitted diseases to teens, distribute information about lead-based paint and lead poisoning in inner cities or hold fitness-awareness events (like “fun runs” or free yoga classes) to promote healthy lifestyles. In many cases, these workshops and classes are held in conjunction with a government agency.

Emergency Response Workers

Emergency response workers in health care are the first ones on the scene of a disaster, be it natural or otherwise. Many nonprofit organizations work with local and city health organizations to create a larger network of health care providers for natural disasters. In addition to doctors and nurses having an integral role in first responder situations, nonprofit organizations also employ coordinators and managers who are in charge of distributing supplies and assisting with triage. Emergency response workers must be calm and organized, even in the most difficult of situations.

Partnership/Expansion Management

Each organization is going to call this health care job something different, but whether you’re the Health Systems Director or the Partnerships Director, the intention is the same: to expand and improve the work of your nonprofit organization. Health care providers are always looking to reach as many people as possible, and large organizations do this by creating partnerships and relationships with smaller organizations that work more closely with constituents. A director of partnerships or similar manager will be in charge of strategically identifying and cultivating relationships with these small agencies, in order to expand and ultimately serve a greater number of people.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an essential part of any organization, but it is particularly important in the world of nonprofit organizations. Quality Assurance Specialists (and managers) are hired to assess the quality of care by doctors and nurses working in nonprofit health care organizations. They also consider the costs and benefits of the services being provided, so Quality Assurance Specialists need to be familiar with budgeting and management practices as well as having a working understanding of the job or doctors and nurses. Quality Assurance is a unique job opportunity for those who enjoy working with a variety of people across a broad spectrum.

The nonprofit health care industry offers a broad range of opportunities for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. You don’t have to be a medical professional to work in health care at a nonprofit organization, but you do have to care deeply about helping people, and have the drive to work in an ever-changing, challenging industry.

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